Roma Voices Project (August Newsletter)

Greetings from Slovakia - we'd like to invite you to be part of an exciting project we've been working on that's just been officially launched!  If you've received our newsletters in the past, you know about the different recording work Jon has done in the past couple of years.  We've been privileged to meet and... Continue Reading →

Join Us – Virtual Prayer Walk

We invite you to join us on a virtual prayer walk in the Roma settlement in Cakanovce, Slovakia.  You've read that name here before - it's a community where we've been teaching and doing community development work.  Due to COVID restrictions we can't hold a community meeting like we'd hoped this Saturday… but we're going... Continue Reading →

Newsletter: Slowly Reopening

We just published our most recent newsletter - click here or on the image below to read it if you haven't gotten it already. Also, if you didn't get our April newsletter with an Easter song, click here to read it (sorry we're late posting it here!).

Making Changes

Greetings from Slovakia! Some of you have written to ask - how are we doing? As well as we could hope, given the situation with the Coronavirus in Europe. Many of you in the U.S. are already starting to experience the reality we've been living with for more than a week now - schools are... Continue Reading →

Borrowing Faith

In 2020 the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (our sponsoring organization) is entering a season of discovery and discernment called Toward Bold Faithfulness.  We wrote the following devotional for the CBF Blog - look at the end of the article for prayer requests and for more information about this initiative. A tired teacher finishes her breakfast and looks out the window at another cold... Continue Reading →

A Musical Christmas Card

We know it's a busy time of year, so we only want to take a moment of your time.  This brief update comes with our THANKS and a couple of GIFTS. First the GIFTS... we have two songs to share with you.  One is a song Jon wrote, and the other is Christmas song that's... Continue Reading →

Ways to Connect

Last week we shared a story, but this week we want to also share some specific needs we have, and offer you different ways to connect with what God is doing here in Slovakia. If you're interested in any of these, please respond to this email or contact us through Facebook. Sewing Puppet Costumes We've... Continue Reading →

Being Present and Being Presence

If you’ve read our newsletters, you probably know how much we enjoy hosting mission teams. We love introducing volunteers to our friends and coworkers here. We put our teams to work, and they accomplish a lot! But we intentionally plan work for them that’s relational – they work alongside local believers, they sit and interact... Continue Reading →

Beloved Community

It was a beautiful day on the lake.  Since it was the middle of the week, there were very few others out.  The children tubed off the back of the jet ski, while the adults bobbed in the water and watched.  We talked of purpose and ministry, retirement and new grandbabies, losses and joys, new... Continue Reading →

New Perspectives

Have you ever noticed something unexpected and new in the midst of familiar surroundings? A few days ago I was walking in an area of town I usually only drive through. The walk gave me a chance to notice some things I hadn’t seen before – a coffee shop, a repaved road, a little statue... Continue Reading →

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