Why the name?

We’re glad you asked!

We chose this name because we consider our recent calling – to serve among the Roma people in Slovakia – to be another step in the journey God has laid out for us. The steps leading here have been many, but few have required such faith. And now as we look back, we’re seeing that a lot of those steps have been pointing in this direction… even though we didn’t know it.

We chose this name because no matter how we might try to map out what we think God wants us to do, the simple fact is that we won’t know what’s ahead until we’re willing just to take that next step.  And in that way, taking the next step is a way of “praying with our feet.”

We chose this name because what we’re doing, as crazy as it might sound, is the same kind of step that God is asking each of you to take. Your steps might not lead you somewhere far away… your steps might not lead you anywhere different at all. After all, the Kingdom is coming right here, right now. But God has another step for you – no matter where you find yourself at this moment. God has another step for you that requires trust, that is uncertain, but that is full of hope and excitement.

And our prayer is that you would find the same joy in taking the next step as we have.

Welcome! Looking forward to taking more steps with you,

Jon & Tanya

2 thoughts on “Why the name?

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  1. Jon and Tanya – I love the name of your blog and am inspired by the journey you and your family are taking. Blessings to you in the coming days!

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