Tanya’s take on the name…

We had been brainstorming a blog name for a couple of weeks.  We were trying to find something that really encompassed our journey to this point, but also one that we could ‘live with’ for years to come.   We talked about how God had led us to this point already.  We talked about how we haven’t always known what the next step would be, but we continued to seek, listen, and trust that if we were faithful where we were, God would continue to reveal the next step to us when the timing was right.  (I was reminded by a friend that ‘God may be slow in revealing, but God is never late!’)  We also talked about how much joy we get out of serving the world’s ‘least of these’ as an act of love for God.

Having not come up with a solid name, I went away to a renewal weekend.  We were watching a short video clip.  The speaker in the video said, “as pilgrims, we pray with our feet.”  I had one of those “is-the-preacher-only-talking-to-me moments.”  I thought “That’s it!!! That is our blog name.”   I kept saying, “praying with our feet” over and over until I got to my room, just in case I might forget it.  But, I think that really says it, and shares our journey.  Yes, it is a journey, of taking one step at a time.  But, I also see that the very act of following and living out God’s love is a prayer to God – it is communion and communication with our maker.   I pray that each of us will truly pray with our feet each day, as we seek to follow.

6 thoughts on “Tanya’s take on the name…

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  1. Tanya – this is wonderful! Keep us posted on your journey. “Not all who wander are lost.” Keep stepping!

  2. Jon and Tanya, I really look forward to hearing about your journey and what God is teaching you! Thanks for sharing! TP I am coming to VA the 17th thru the 20th. Would love to see you if only for a quick visit before you go abroad. I will call ya again and see what might work! 🙂

  3. I love the blog name. The Lepper girls have a “feet” thang’ 🙂
    I do look forward to keeping up with your journey and what God will be doing in and through the Parks family. Love you guys and am so proud of how you have followed the path that God has put before you.

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