Small Reminders…

I am continually amazed by the way God is reminding us of his presence these days.  Sometimes I get discouraged because the money isn’t pouring in fast enough for my impatient self.  And then I am reminded of “little” ways that God is reminding me of his presence and provision.  It is as if God is saying, “Don’t forget Tanya, I have this all figured out.”  It may come in the form of a $5 bill given to Jon’s Mom by a lady in a nursing home – because she found out we were missionaries.  Or it may be the $50 that was placed in my palm by someone I had just met because she was moved by what we were doing.  There are people around the world that are already a part of God’s great big plan.  And God is already preparing them to support this work.  And I feel like saying, “send them on, God, send them on.”  And God’s reply is, “I am Tanya, just watch and learn!”

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