Our First $20

I was blessed last fall to be a Math Buddy at Kenbridge Elementary School.  As a Math Buddy, I worked with a fifth grade girl once a week on her math skills.  She was as much a blessing to me as I hope I was to her.  In the early spring, right after we told the church that we were in the process to go on the mission field, I explained that I would be moving, but that it would still be a while (I didn’t want her to hear rumors of our departure and not know the whole story).   We got into talking about what we would be doing and who would be ‘paying’ us.  She immediately said that she was getting some birthday money and wanted me to have some of it.  True to her word, she brought a $20 bill the next week and ran up to give it to me as soon as I got there.  This was to be the first $20 that was given to our ministry.  God works through all of us – young and old, rich and poor!  May we all give so joyfully!

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