How it Makes Us Feel: Thankful

A Kelty baby/child backpack carrier, currently for sale on eBay.

This yard sale gives us a chance for thanksgiving.  A lot of these things that we’re selling have history.  When we look at those things, we can cherish the memories behind them, give thanks, and pray that the next owner will find similar blessings and memories.

I know it’s not Thanksgiving for another few months, but there’s no better time than now to stop and appreciate the things around you in your home.  Where did that thing come from?  Who gave it to you, or when/where did you buy it?  What have you used it for in the past?  Who has commented on it?

Most of the things in our homes have some physical value – some of our things right now have little colored dots that tell what their (hopeful) physical value is!  But there’s no price tag we can place on the experiences behind them.  These items are placeholders – bookmarks that point back to memorable spots in the stories of our lives.

Treasure these things… but more than that, treasure the memories behind them.  If all your “stuff” was to be taken away tomorrow, you’d still have the experiences and blessings that no one can take away.  That’s the real value of them.  Be thankful for the things God has blessed you with, and take some time to walk around your home and unearth their real value.

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