Signs of Change

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As you can imagine, our world has been turned upside-down in the last few months.  And now, our house reflects the upside-downness!

I suppose I should add this question to the FAQ page:

Q: What are you taking with you, and what are you doing with the stuff you don’t?
A: We’re planning on taking very little – ourselves, our clothes, and some personal items that will remind us of home.  We might upsize that a bit, but we’ve been told it will cost more to ship things to Europe than just buy them once we get there.  The rest of the stuff we’re selling or giving away.

Hence the pictures above of our extended yard sale right now – extended because it officially began on Facebook as a “virtual” yard sale about a week ago, and it will conclude with an honest-to-goodness yard sale this Saturday that will actually take place in the yard (weather permitting).  The girls will even have a lemonade stand!  And along with that, we’re putting up books, CD’s, DVD’s and other items for sale on sites like and eBay.

Today a friend asked how it feels to be doing all this – does it feel freeing, he asked?  I’m not sure freeing is the right answer.  It is freeing and cleansing in a way – once we get to Slovakia, we’ll be living on/with less.  But getting rid of all that stuff now, months before we leave, is just… hard.

But it’s other things, too.  In the next few days, I’ll be posting some thoughts about all this.  In the meantime, if you see anything in our pictures that you’d like, let us know… we’ll even save a glass of lemonade for you!

By the way, the third picture is one of our closet doors in the house that is kind of our Fundraising HQ – it shows our written goals, our goals for support partners.  We should get a report on our fundraising progress in the next week or so – we’ll let you know how things are shaping up.

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