Seeing with God’s Eyes

This morning in church, Jon’s sermon was about the faith that Peter had to walk on the water (Peter has a bit of a bad rep, but we often forget that he was the only one to even attempt it!).  Jon made a connection to the passage in Numbers 13 where the spies are sent into the Promised Land.  When they bring their report back, everyone agrees that it is an amazing new land (flowing with milk and honey).  While Joshua and Caleb believe that with God’s help they can conquer the people, the other ten are fearful and say ‘we looked like grasshoppers in our own eyes.’ 

This kind of faith sees life – and ourselves — through God’s eyes, not our own.

With our own eyes, we know we will sink.

With our own eyes, we are small compared to our obstacles.

With my own eyes, I wonder if we will really ever raise the money necessary to follow Gods calling.

But with God’s eyes, everything is different.  When Peter started using his own eyes again, he sunk.  Because the leaders of Israel saw the land of Canaan with their own eyes, they were forced to wander in the desert another 40 years.

This lesson doesn’t just pertain to someone moving half way around the world.  We all have things that God calls us to do every day that take God’s eyes.  We must remember the ways that God has already brought us through the wilderness – and longs to lead us into fullness.

May we not wander in the wilderness another 40 years!

May we all see through the eyes of God – and may we be like Caleb and say, “[With God] we can certainly do it!”

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