Blessings at the Doorstep

I’ve been participating recently in a discipleship “Huddle,” and our most recent session was about praying through the Lord’s Prayer.  In this method, we take each phrase of the prayer and meditate on it, asking the Spirit to show us where this concept meets our lives.  For instance, for the first phrase (“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…”) you would stop and contemplate this phrase and ask, “How is my life hallowing God’s name today?  How are my words and actions glorifying God?”

As I prayed this way yesterday, I stopped at “Give us today our daily bread.”  I realized that I am constantly struggling to give our fundraising back to God – I find myself wanting to take it, to be anxious over it and to be fearful.  This financial support is going to be our “daily bread,” the resources that will make our work possible.  I suppose it’s natural for me to worry about whether or not it will materialize… even though I’ve claimed hundreds of times already that I trust God to provide!  My prayers the last couple of days have therefore come back to that phrase, and I’ve asked myself over and over again, “Am I really content to allow God to be responsible for this daily bread?”

This morning as I was running around the house like crazy, trying to get too much done before a lunch appointment… the doorbell rang.  I thought it was the mailman bringing a package so I went to the front door, where I found two gentlemen – one who  has been a friend and colleague for several years, and another who would become a new friend this day.  I was anxious to finish all my tasks so I could make my lunch meeting, but for some reason I felt the Spirit nudge and say, “this is important.  Slow down.”  So I did.

During the conversation I connected with a new friend, a new partner in our ministry who has felt a tug for the Roma people for years.  He was encouraging and so supportive of our upcoming work, that I found myself refreshed and energized as we talked.  The two men brainstormed with me some potential sources for financial support.  In all, from this unexpected 30-minute meeting, I found a new friendship, a partner who shares our growing passion for the Roma Gypsy people, and a couple of solid support-raising leads.

I could have done lots of things with that 30 minutes – lots of emails and a couple of phone calls.  I could have gotten some newsletters signed and mailed, gotten the worship service finished up, or made a drop-in visit on my way to the lunch meeting.  I could have been productive – but instead I found something better.  There were blessings at the doorstep, ready to surprise me.  I’m glad I chose to answer the doorbell!

It seems simple, just a surprise meeting with a couple of friends… but it’s another “Stone of Help.

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