Tuesday has been a wonderful day here in Kosice, and we’ve been blessed in several ways!

First, it is Tanya’s birthday, and she’s had a special day – we had a very American breakfast this morning (eggs, bacon, sausage gravy and biscuits), and went out for dinner this evening at the Golden Royal restaurant in the city center. This is one of the McNarys’ favorite restaurants, and it did not disappoint!

Second, we visited two schools for the girls today, and were relieved that they were both very positive experiences. In fact, we were so pleased with both that we didn’t come away with any clear decision – but we would be completely comfortable sending the girls to either one. Both are very Slovak – the educational system is different here in lots of ways. Both have smaller class sizes, and gave us a good sense that the girls would receive individualized attention. Both are open to having the girls learn Slovak, and would help us figure out the best way for them to do that. Both have good teachers and lots of educational resources.

If you want to see information on either or both, here are the links:
The Slobody School – http://szsslobodyke.sk/?id=8-english-about-school
The Human School (be ready: they haven’t completed the English version of the website)- http://www.enkicreative.eu/human/zs/v_homesk.html

The first school is taught completely in Slovak, and the second one is bilingual – Slovak-English. Good visits at both places, and Shane and Dianne were very helpful in translating and helping us know what questions to ask. We plan to rest on this decision a while, and make the decision a good bit later.

No pictures this evening – we went on a run this afternoon, and we’re tired. Hopefully we can post some pics tomorrow evening.

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