Word-of-the-Day Wednesday: “Na zdravie”

Each Wednesday, we’ll try to post a word or phrase in one of our new languages (Slovak and Romani) that will give you a glimpse into the place we’re going.

Today’s phrase:

SLOVAK:  Na zdravie [Nahz DRAHV-yeh] *

MEANING:  Literally means, “to your health.”  This phrase is used in two common ways:

  • When you raise a toast (something like when we say “cheers”).
  • When someone sneezes (like our expression “bless you”).

We learned that there are similar-sounding expressions in Czech, Polish and Russian, but we don’t remember those!


* In Slovak, emphasis always falls on the first syllable

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  1. Happy late Thanksgiving! Never late to give Thanks!
    Thank you for the newsletter. I do enjoy keeping informed of your activities.
    God Bless you and your family always!
    Love and Prayers!

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