Visit: Farmville Baptist

This Sunday morning (Nov. 6) we were given the opportunity to speak at Farmville Baptist in Farmville, Virginia – about 45 minutes from our home in Kenbridge.  Some of you might be surprised to know that there is a REAL place named “Farmville” – it doesn’t just exist on Facebook!

We cannot say enough about this wonderful church family.  They welcomed us gladly this morning, and they were patient with us as we stumbled our way through our first attempt at the “ping-pong” sermon – we start with a skit, then alternate speaking back and forth, and conclude with a song.  It was refreshing to be a part of a worship service in which I wasn’t the primary leader (doesn’t happen often), and in a place where worship is such an intentional and thoughtful activity!

After the worship service we had a lunch meeting, in which we were able to share about our calling and ministry in more detail with the missions committee and other interested members.  This was an encouraging time as well, with very insightful questions and comments, affirmation, some surprise encounters with folks who already have a passion for the Roma people, and conversations that may eventually lead to future partnerships and mission teams.

Thank you to my friend Dr. Michael Cheuk, the pastor at FBC, for setting this up to be such an affirming time for us, and thanks to the missions committee for providing lunch.  Most of all, thanks be to God for the chance to find new partners and kindred spirits in unexpected places!

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  1. Jon and Tanya – it was a privilege and an honor to have you speak at Farmville Baptist yesterday! I heard many positive comments from church members, and as we go through our budget process in the next couple of weeks, we will see if we can put you and your ministry in our church budget. We will keep you in our prayers as you continue this journey praying with your feet! Blessings!

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