Chance Encounters

We’ve had a couple of coincidental encounters in the last few weeks… coincidental in the “Only-God-Could-Do-This” kind of way.

First, on Sunday 10/16 we were able to share our story at the Southside Baptist Association meeting, which was held at our church in Kenbridge that afternoon.  At that meeting, we got to see several friends we haven’t seen in a while – many of whom we’ve been with on associational mission trips through the last few years.  We’re continually amazed by how God brings people together during mission work, and we’ve developed some good friendships with people in other churches, primarily because we’ve been able to serve alongside them in places like Louisiana (Katrina recovery) and Kentucky (Appalachia ministries).

We bumped into a couple of men at this meeting that we hadn’t seen in several months.  While we were catching up, one of them casually mentioned, “Oh yeah, I’ve been to Slovakia before.”


Turns out these men went on three trips to Slovakia back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, when Virginia Baptists had a partnership with Slovak Baptists.  They had even been part of a team that did construction work on the new building for the Baptist Church in Košice one year.  Turns out they have been wanting to go back to Slovakia, but they just hadn’t had the opportunity or reason… until now!

Another encounter happened this morning when we spoke at Farmville Baptist Church.  There we met a couple of their church members – Jay and Anita Lynn – who served for two years in the 1990’s in the Czech Republic.  During their tenure, they worked with one of our current team members.  It was good to learn more about them, and to hear a little of their own experiences with the Roma people.

It’s little chance encounters like these, that remind us we are on the right path.  God has been so faithful to give us guidance and affirmation along the way!

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