Partnership Trip: Crosscreek

The second part of our stay in Birmingham was focused on our many friends at Crosscreek Baptist Church in Pelham.  Crosscreek is a special place for us – Jon began working there in 1999, right after college, as minister of music.  Crosscreek was our church family when we were married, and when we had Abigail.

For Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, Wes and Patsy Jeffcoat opened their home to us.  We were amazed that throughout this trip, we were blessed to stay in homes where the girls’ energy was cherished (or at least tolerated) and where we could feel very much “at home.”  Our time at the Jeffcoats’ was relaxing and refreshing… at least it was for us. Their cat, Dreamer, might still be recovering from the girls’ affection!

Sunday morning at Crosscreek was a joyful time of reuniting with friends and sharing in worship.  Then in the evening we joined in the festivities at the annual Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner – a lively time with lots of food and conversation.

All told, Crosscreek lives up to the role they have taken on as one of our “Encourager Churches.”  We certainly felt encouraged when we left!


Kids ReunionCrosscreek1At the JeffcoatsTanya and MelanieRenewing FriendshipsRenewing Friendships
Lunch Out

Birmingham – Crosscreek, a set on Flickr.

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