New Advocates: Movie Composer Hans Zimmer

This story and article links were included in our most recent newsletter, but I wanted to post them here as well:

Composer Hans Zimmer has won Oscars for several movie soundtracks, including The Lion KingCrimson Tide and Gladiator among many others.  He has recently completed the score for Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and wanted to include some Gypsy influences in the score.  So he made a research trip to – get this – Eastern Slovakia, to learn more about the music of real Gypsies.  His daughter, Zoe, took some beautiful pictures, and Zimmer himself was so impressed by the musicians he heard that he recorded them and actually used them in the soundtrack!

While there, Zimmer and his daughter were captured by the story and culture of the Roma people.  Zimmer sponsored and wrote the music for a public service video telling the story of the Roma.  They have become new advocates for these forgotten people.  Rather than tell you more ourselves, here are links to some of the articles and pictures – click the thumbnails to go to the articles themselves.

UPDATE: If you want a feel for how some people feel about the Roma, read the comments attached to these articles.  PLEASE BE AWARE that some of the comments are hateful and even vulgar.  Read with discretion.

An article about Zimmer's trip from the National Democratic Institute.
The CNN Photoblog from Zoe Zimmer. Beautiful and moving pictures!
Another article from Zimmer's trip by Huffington Post.
Yet another article about the trip, from Billboard Magazine.

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