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While we have certainly seen the challenges of raising our own support, we have also found an unexpected joy – finding new friends in churches where we would likely have never gotten to visit!  We got a little behind on posting about our visits with these churches, so we want to take a minute today to highlight a couple of places we’ve been in the last couple of months:

Before Christmas, while we were in Kentucky visiting with Tanya’s family, we left early on the morning of Sunday, Dec. 18 to visit with First Baptist Church of London, Kentucky.  During the Sunday School hour they invited us to join them for a church-wide fellowship breakfast (yum!) they hold annually on the Sunday before Christmas.  Then we were given time during the worship hour to share our story and message, and had some very engaging conversations with several members after the service.  Afterward, pastor Terry Lester and his wife Jan took us to lunch, where we enjoyed getting to know them better!

We were warmly welcomed at FBC, and we hope to return there sometime in the spring!  For more information about the church, visit their website at

Last Wednesday, Feb. 8, we were invited for our first visit to Franklin Baptist Church in Franklin, Virginia, where our friends Brent and Michelle Kimlick serve.  After visiting with the Kimlicks for a few minutes in their home, we went to the church for their weekly fellowship dinner (again, yum!).  Then during their normal Bible study time, we shared information with them about our calling and ministry.  We were delighted by the insightful questions asked, and had good conversations with several people after we were finished.  We look forward to returning to Franklin on March 18-19 for a children’s event and Sunday worship.  For more information about Franklin, go to their website at

We have visits with several more churches in the coming weeks, and we’ll try to post about each of them here.  In the meantime, here’s a rundown of upcoming partnership events:

  • Tonight, Wed. 2/15 – First Baptist Richmond, Catalyst Prayer Group
  • Tues. 2/21 – Leading chapel worship at Baptist Theological Seminary of Richmond (BTSR)
  • Sun. 2/26 – Tanya speaking at Ash Camp Baptist Church in Keysville, Virginia.
  • Sun. 3/4 – Tanya speaking at Black Branch Baptist Church in Chase City, Virginia.

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  1. Jon, my cousin, Chuck Brasshaw, is at Franklin Baptist, I think, at least, last time we discussed church. He might be a good person to support y’aa financially

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