Two Prayers with One Phone Call

Since Jon is committed to leading worship each week at Kenbridge, Tanya has had opportunities to go to other churches and share about our ministry.  A couple of weeks ago, Tanya visited a nearby church on Sunday morning, and received a warm welcome.  She came home encouraged (and still full from a potluck lunch), and we were glad to have shared a bit of what God’s been doing lately.

A few days later, some of the mission-minded women of the church scheduled a meeting with the pastor in his office.  They said, “We need to help them.  What can we do?”  During that meeting, the pastor called and spoke with us for a while, and a partnership began to develop.  This week we were told that the church had officially voted to help fund our ministry on an ongoing basis, and that they’d even be doing a fundraiser event in the next few weeks to help with moving expenses.

As amazing as this was, a later conversation with the pastor was even more humbling.  He said (in paraphrase), “Our church has been doing mission for a while, but we’ve lost a personal connection.  I’ve been praying that we could find a way to connect personally with some missionaries.  You’re an answer to my prayer!”

Here we were, rejoicing at an answer to OUR prayer, and it turns out someone else was giving thanks, too.  God had been working behind the scenes, answering two prayers at once.  That’s the kind of thing only God can arrange!

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