Spring Church Visits – Part 1

We’ve been traveling a lot this spring, visiting quite a few churches over the last couple of months in an effort to build partnerships.  We had been reporting most of those visits until the spring got away from us, so we wanted to tell you where all we’ve been these last few weeks…

April 1 & 23 – Blackstone Baptist Church (Blackstone, VA)  Blackstone is in our local Baptist association, so we have already had many connections with this mission-minded church.  We’ve been on mission trips with several of the members, and have gotten to know their new pastor’s family – Rob and Karen Brown.

The church invited Tanya to speak for their Sunday worship service on April 1, while Rob and Karen were out of town.  She was warmly welcomed, and got to know several new friends during her visit.  Then we were back in Blackstone on Monday, April 23 for the Southside Association’s “On Mission Celebration,” in which we participated as missionaries.  We shared more of our story and calling with a very attentive group of church members that night, and were very encouraged by our time with them!

April 22-25 –  Southside Baptist Association – On Mission Celebration – We were honored to be chosen as missionaries at this event, along with about 15 other people from all around the world.  This is the association we have served in while we’ve been in Kenbridge, and many of these people have been watching our progress with excitement (and maybe a little pride!).  The conference included missionaries from CBF, the International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board, as well as chaplains from prisons and the military.  It was humbling to be among people who have done so much for God’s Kingdom, and we made quite a few new friends during the four days of the conference.

On Saturday afternoon, we met with at least 200 other SBA members at Burkeville Baptist for a BBQ dinner.  Then on Sunday afternoon, a group reconvened at Crewe Baptist for a celebration service and some face-to-face time.  On Monday evening, we were invited to speak at Blackstone Baptist (see above), and then we had a concluding luncheon on Wednesday.  It was our first event like this, and was so encouraging to reconnect with many people we’ve known here for years!

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