Spring Church Visits – Part 2

May 6 – Oakland Christian Church (near Kenbridge, VA) – Because Jon has a “standing engagement” on Sunday mornings, Tanya has had a few chances to visit with churches interested in hearing our story.  One of those churches was Oakland Christian Church here in Lunenburg County, where Tanya visited on Sunday, May 6.  It’s a warm and welcoming congregation, and Tanya really enjoyed her time there!

May 6 (PM) – Ash Camp Baptist Church (Keysville, VA) – That Sunday evening we made the trip to Keysville, VA, where we had dinner and made a presentation at Ash Camp Baptist Church.  We’ve enjoyed a good relationship with the pastor (Ted Smith) and his family while we’ve been in Virginia, and their church has been very supportive of our calling.  After a great pot-luck dinner, we let the church’s kids work on the Roma Flag craft project while Tanya and Jon did a presentation for the adults.  It was such an encouraging time, with lots of good conversations and interaction, and we’re glad to be able to call Ash Camp one of our partner churches.

By the way, Ash Camp was the subject of our post on March 25, “Two Prayers with One Phone Call.”

May 20 – Farmville Baptist Church (Farmville, VA) – Back in the fall, Farmville Baptist was the first church we visited on our “Fall Tour” and they heard a very shaky and undeveloped version of our presentation.  We hope we were a bit more convincing this time!  Our visits with Farmville have been very encouraging, due in large part to the friendship of Michael and Beth Cheuk (the pastor and his family).

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