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We haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, promise!  But it might seem that way, since we still don’t have our own internet connection. 🙂  Even so, we wanted to send out an update to let you know how things are going here in Košice.

  • The apartment feels like a home for us! We’ve uploaded a video of the girls leading you on a tour of the place – it’s on YouTube, but you can access it on our blog –
  • A church home is hard to come by, but we feel we have found a home among the believers at Devleskero Kher (House of God) – a church with many Roma, but also several other types of folks, including Slovaks, Germans, and now some Americans as well. 🙂  We enjoy worshiping there on Sundays, and look forward to being more involved as time permits.
  • The city of Košice is a wonderful place to live, and we are learning our way around – slowly but surely.
  • Lots of “Firsts” keep rolling in – this week we received our first mail from the US (a card from a church in VA), our first package (for the girls from Nana and Poppy), and the girls had their first Slovak friends over to visit last night.
  • A school for the girls was a primary concern for us, and last week we made a decision.  They will be attending a private school here in Košice – it will take them about 30 minutes to get there – walk to bus stop, ride public bus, walk some more.  But we are very impressed by the school and have even met Abigail’s teacher.  The girls have begun language classes in preparation for school – an hour a day four times a week at a langage school very near our apartment.
  • A langauge helper/nurturer was also a big concern for us, and we have built a relationship with Katarina Pukanska, whom we will be working with until the end of the summer.
  • A mission team from CBF Missouri will arrive this weekend and will be here for several days, doing repairs and painting at the Roma school and conducting sports/Bible camps in a nearby Roma settlement.  We’re excited about helping to host them!

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