Prayer Needed – Visas


We want to ask for your specific prayers.

We have hit a couple of snags in our process of obtaining a visa to stay here in Slovakia.  We won’t go into too many details now, but let it suffice to say that timing has not been in our favor.  We still need a few documents – some due to changes in laws, and one because bureaucracy actually worked FASTER than it was supposed to.  This is complicated by the fact that we have to complete this process within 90 days of day we first registered here – that would  put us at Wednesday, October 3.

We are trying not to be discouraged because we believe very strongly that God has called us here, and nearly every other sign has pointed us in that direction! (more about that soon)  But we know that a lot of the open doors we have seen are due to your prayers.  That’s why we’re asking for them once more.

We will let you know more when we have more detailed things to pray for, but for now please pray for:

  • understanding and patience from the officials who are processing our information,
  • safe and easy travels to and from places we might have to go to obtain some of these documents,
  • a quick turnaround on some documents we need from the FBI,
  • peace and patience for us as we walk through this process, as our deadline draws nearer each day.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support!

Jon & Tanya

3 thoughts on “Prayer Needed – Visas

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  1. Jon, Tanya, Abigail and Katelynn, We just wanted to thank you again for making our trip so memorable. We pray for your family, and our new Slovak and Roma friends. We now have a specific prayer for your family–visa documents to clear. We hope this finds you all well. In His grace, Tara, Joshua, Carter & Micah Green

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