Update on Visa and School Stuff

We mentioned a couple of prayer requests in the last few days, and we wanted to give an update on those things.  First, THANK YOU for your prayers!!  We can tell they are coming our way – both by the inexplicable peace in our spirits, and in the ways we’ve seen God working.

Visa (Residence Permit)

Moving to any country requires a lot of paperwork, and Slovakia is no exception.  And the rules tend to change from time to time.  So when you add all this together, you can end up with a stressful time trying to get permission to stay in the country.  We are now less than a month from the time our visa is required to be complete, and we still have some requirements left to meet.  We feel much less worry over all this now, thanks to your prayers and encouragement!  But we’re still waiting on some vital documents to arrive.  Please pray:

  • That the local officials will be helpful in this intricate process,
  • That our documents would move quickly through the hands of those who need to prepare them,
  • That they would find their way to us in record time!
  • And that we would continue to trust that God’s timing is perfect.

School for the Girls

Many of you have been praying for the girls as they began school last week, and your prayers have been answered!  The girls  were understandably nervous the first day (their parents too!), but each day afterward they came home chattering excitedly about the fun things they’ve done!  God has placed them with very helpful teachers, and in classrooms with at least a couple of other children who speak English well.  Because of these things, they have been comfortable and have really enjoyed their first few days – praise God!  Please continue to pray:

  • That the girls would understand more and more Slovak each day,
  • That their teachers would be sensitive to their needs, but would also push them to make progress in the Slovak language,
  • And that they would build friendships with other children that will comfort them… and give them a break from one another sometimes! 🙂

Thank you again for your prayers – please don’t hesitate to ask questions or to let us know you’re praying!

2 thoughts on “Update on Visa and School Stuff

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  1. Jon and Tanya: Jonesboro BC has a missionary moment, in the Worship Service, with a time to share these specific prayers. Then we take time for Silence to pray over them. Your frequent comm. helps us do this, because we can pray specifically. God is at work there; we see it every day.
    Also, Prayer Warriors lift you up every day. Continue the photos about your lives, and also specific ways we can pray. Thanks. Leroy Bradshaw

    1. Thanks, Leroy and Jonesboro! We’re blessed, in many ways, to live in an age when it is easy to communicate our needs (and successes!) quickly. We’re so glad you are all on this journey with us – than you for your prayers!

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