Three Bits of Good News!

Three pieces of good news to share this evening!

  • We just found out over email that Tanya’s last piece of documentation has cleared and should be in the mail today or tomorrow.  We are so thankful to God for your prayers in this matter!  We can’t share the details, but suffice to say that our situation caught the attention of someone who sped our process along much faster than it would have gone otherwise – a testimony to your prayers on our behalf!
  • Today, we had our first day of English tutoring at the Roma school.  It was a good day getting to know the kids, and we’re excited about working there!  These kids come from some of the poorest neighborhoods in Kosice.  Pray that we will build relationships that can lead these kids to a different kind of life – a life that includes God’s love.
  • Today was a cold, windy day after a long night of pouring rain.  That itself is not good news, of course… but when we arrived at the Roma school we asked headmistress Koptova whether the roof had held up, and she said it had!  You may remember that when the Missouri mission team came in July-August, we had a big rain storm and spent a couple of hours cleaning up water in classrooms where the roof had leaked.  The city maintains the school’s roof, and the Roma school is obviously not high on their priority list.  Because of the flooding, the city came to put a new roof on the school, but we were wondering how well they had done the job.  After last night’s rain storm, it seems that the new roof is solid.  See pictures below of the Missouri team cleaning up from the leaks a few weeks ago.
Water on the floor with full buckets.
The team and some students work to clean up rain water that leaked through the old roof.

2 thoughts on “Three Bits of Good News!

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  1. I am so happy that Tanya’s paperwork has cleared. I’m happy about the other things as well but I think it would be a BIG downer if Tanya couldn’t stay. Prayers with all of you as you minister in this country that has stolen my heart. I’m going to see if I can get some of the Ružomberok folks to get in touch with you or maybe the Surovceks in Liptovsky Mikuláš. Ružomberok is where we did our English camps. The Surovceks are a family who lived in Texas for a number of years and have returned to Slovakia where he pastors a church.

  2. It is interesting to note that a roof NOT leaking is such big news! However, my hope is that our presence at the School during that time might have “encouraged” the city to make sure that problem was solved. Our prayers are with your family and those you teach.

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