Word-of-the-Day Wednesday: Favourites

Each Wednesday, we’ll try to post a word or phrase in one of our new languages (Slovak and Romani) that will give you a glimpse into the place we’re living.

Since we haven’t done these in a while, today’s words are culled from our list of “favorite new words” we’re learning.  We mostly like these because of how fun they are to say!

SLOVAK:  čučoriedka [CHEW-chore-ee-et-ka] *

MEANING:  This is the word for “blueberry.”  Not only is the word fun to say, it’s also one of our favorite ice cream flavors.  Ice cream is popular here – you could almost say it’s a national pastime.  One scoop in a regular-ol’ crunchy cone is .40 €, or about $0.50.  It’s the perfect size for a quick pick-me-up, and the flavors are delicious! (mostly)

SLOVAK:  tučniak [TOOCH-nee-ahk] *

MEANING:  Penguin.  Both the animal AND the word are fun.  They have penguins in the Kosice zoo!  They must have a blast in the wintertime…


* In Slovak, emphasis always falls on the first syllable.


One thought on “Word-of-the-Day Wednesday: Favourites

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  1. Ummmmm, yes, zmrzlina in Slovakia is divine and čučoriedka is a favorite; brings back many memories! First summer I was there it was 5 SK krona a cone (exchange rate was $ = 65 SK krona) but that was 2 years before they went to €.

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