Prayers Requested – Visa and School


We have two requests for your prayers in the next few hours/days.

First, you should know that your prayers are becoming “famous” over here for their effectiveness… several of our friends here are amazed at how God has answered your prayers in recent weeks.  Your prayers are working – thank you!!

Now for the requests:

  • Tomorrow (Friday 9/28) we will go to the foreigner police office with ALL our documents, and will submit them as a request for a residence permit here in Slovakia.  Again, your prayers on our behalf have been answered thus far – our documents arrived in record time, and under extraordinary circumstances.  We ask that you pray for the officials who will receive and review our documents in the coming days.  Please pray also for our peace and patience as there are still a few more steps to take in the days ahead!
  • Also please be in prayer over the coming days for the Roma school where we’re working as tutors.  Today when we arrived, the teachers were in a flurry because a group of school inspectors from the national government arrived today.  As you can imagine, any inspection would be very stressful time for the school’s administration and faculty… and the stress is multiplied in this case because the national government is not always supportive of efforts to educate Roma children.  Please pray for the inspectors, and for the teachers and students who are understandably nervous about this visit!

On a lighter note, we enjoyed our second week of working as tutors at the Roma School here in Košice.  Today’s work included storytelling in English… in these pictures, Tanya is retelling the story of the “Tortoise and the Hare.”


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