We haven’t been gone that long – about four months – but we’ve noticed a fraction of the strangeness that missionaries experience when coming “home” to a place that hasn’t really been “home” for a while.  For us, this has come in unexpected places…

Water fountains – Who knew this is something we’d miss??  If we want to get drinking water while we’re out and about in Kosice, we usually have to buy a bottle.  One of the things I’ve noticed most often on our return is that there are water fountains everywhere!!

On the third floor – In Europe, floors are numbered differently.  When you enter a building on the ground level, that’s Ground or 0.  The next floor up (what we’d usually think of as 2nd floor) is level 1.  This can make for some interesting situations when you climb the steps or get on an elevator.

Skype in real time – Tonight, we had a Skype chat with someone in the same time zone.  It’s dark where we are AND where they are… weird.

Finding things in the store – We went to a couple of stores today to get some essentials, and I found myself comforted by the fact that I knew where to go to get things.  It’s not that I knew the stores so well… things are just laid out differently in European stores.  For instance, I needed to find beard trimmers tonight.  Where would you look for those here?  Health and Beauty section.  In Europe, those would usually be in Electronics… and in many cases, you’d actually have to go to an electronics store to find some!

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  1. Please know you all are in our prayers at CBFNC! Tanya, I expect you to enter my office at any moment for candy. (Yes, I still have my M&M dispenser in my office at CBFNC.) I found the blog most interesting today (about water fountains, levels of buildings and lay-out of stores.) Keep telling the story!

  2. On water fountains: My experience is that most Slovaks do not drink tap water and many of them think it is unsafe to do so. My first trip I was so thirsty and all the bottled water was mineral water which only increased my thirst. When I would go to the sink for water, my host family would shew me away saying that it was not good. I think the water in Slovakia is now safe everywhere but old habits are hard to break and a lot of people are still afraid of water that has not been boiled or bottled.

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