Advent and Waiting

We begin this season of Advent this weekend, and as it begins I realize we will spend at least a portion of this season waiting with expectation and hope.

I don’t just mean “waiting” in the vague, spiritual sense I preached about when I was a pastor.  This is not some theological concept, some idealistic state of devotion… although I’d be glad to experience that, too.

No, we will experience the waiting of Advent in a very real and practical sense – anticipating the arrival of news about our Slovak visa.  We’ve submitted our paperwork, and it will be sent to Bratislava for review.  The decision is completely of our hands, so all we can do is to wait, to watch expectantly for the arrival of good news. We are literally living between the “already” and the “not yet,” as theologian Gerhardus Vos famously put it.

In Slovak, the command "wait" is "počkaj!" (POHCH-kai."
In Slovak, the command “wait” is “počkaj!” (POTCH-kai).

So in the days ahead, I plan to reflect on what it means to wait with expectation and hope.  It might seem a bit of a stretch – or maybe even presumptuous – to make the comparison between these things.  But I can’t help but think that this Advent season will “put flesh” on this abstract idea of waiting for me.  And since for the first time in several years I will not be preaching any Advent sermons, I feel a deep need to put these things into words.

So if you have time to read, I invite you to join me in thinking about the times in your life when you’ve waited (maybe you’re waiting for something now) and let’s see together what God teaches us about What – and Who – we’re waiting for this Advent season.

Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts of your own to share!

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    1. Hi Michael! Thanks for the links, your Advent post gave me some food for thought this morning. 🙂 I don’t know Greg – what organization are they working with? Are you moving to Romania? What city will you live in?

  1. I find, like you, that it is difficult to ‘put meat’ on the aspects of Advent hope, peace, love and joy. What do these term really mean for Christians today or me personally? You, Tanya and girls are living out a true sense of expectation and preparation during this 2012 Advent season. May God’s hope for you and your ministry be revealed soon.

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