Mysterious Ways…

Our waiting will be an expectant waiting, to be sure.  We expect to hear something, because we’ve done our part – we’ve turned in the papers, given the required money and materials to the Slovak government.  Now the ball is in their court.  We are going to hear something… we’re just not sure how we will hear.

Maybe it will be a phone call – so now every time the phone rings, we will rush to pick it up, wondering if it might be news for us.

Perhaps the decision will come in the mail – and so each afternoon we will wait for the mail to arrive, then sort through it carefully, hoping to find an envelope with our name on it.

Or it’s possible they will email us – so every time we hear that familiar little “bing,” we’ll run to see what’s waiting in our inbox.

How will the news come?  We simply don’t know… and that’s okay.  We’ll be on our toes for a few weeks, waiting and watching all the possible channels, ready for a surprise at any moment.

imagesSuppose we assumed – but didn’t know for certain – that this information would come only through the telephone.  We could sit beside the telephone each day, waiting for it to ring… and miss the letter of good news that comes in the mailbox.  By assuming we know how it will be communicated, we could possibly miss the news altogether!

God speaks in many different ways.  What if we were to assume that the best news of Advent were going to arrive during a Sunday worship time?  Would we miss it when it arrives in an unexpected conversation with a stranger?  In that song on the radio we haven’t heard before?

Are we waiting on the Good News?  Where will it come from?  How will we hear?

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  1. Ah yes, the waiting. For a Type-A personality, it is definitely a challenge. God has granted you this interlude for a reason. My prayer is that you will receive His full measure of peace as you experience all the blessings that He has for you here.

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