A Good Start to the New Year!

(Just sent out this update to our e-newsletter recipients – just a reminder that if you’d like to sign up, you can do so on the right-hand sidebar of our blog)

First, the answer to the #1 question:  No, we still haven’t heard anything about our visa yet… but we are still celebrating a great start to the New Year!

We’re continuing to work where God has placed us for now.  Part of that work is staying connected with all of you, our partners in God’s work.  Toward that end, we’ve been having conversations – face-to-face, on the phone, by mail and over the internet.  And these conversations have been very encouraging.  Here are some examples:

  • Jon spoke yesterday with the pastor at one of our partner churches in Virginia, and he assured us of the church’s commitment to sponsor us for the coming year.  Their church has been keeping up with us via this blog and e-newsletters, and they have been praying for us often – we can tell!
  • Another Virginia church has encouraged us by sending prayer cards almost weekly, with church members offering specific prayers on our behalf.
  • In recent weeks, we’ve had discussions with two different mission teams making plans to come to Slovakia in the next 12-16 months.
  • While we’ve been home we’ve had both formal and informal opportunities to share our story in several churches, and met many new friends along the way!

These are only samples of the good things that have been happening – it would take too long to list them all.  As we were reminded by some Global Missions colleagues a few months ago, to “encourage” someone means to “put-courage-in” them.  Your phone calls, cards, emails and constant prayers have certainly given us hope and courage while we wait.  We cannot say “THANK YOU” enough!

A few prayer requests:

  • That our visa paperwork would be processed quickly now that the holidays are over and government offices are back in rhythm (just think… one day we won’t have to ask you to pray about our visas anymore!).
  • For one of our friends/partners who lost his spouse just before Christmas.
  • For several of our friends/partners who lost jobs or were forced to make work transitions this past year.
  • For the situation at the Roma school in Košice – we’ve written about this before, and things appear to be getting worse.  We can’t share information we don’t yet have, but will share more as soon as it’s appropriate.

We pray for you, our partners, regularly.  If there’s any specific ways we can be in prayer for you, please let us know!

You probably understand that we are tired of waiting, and it feels strange to say we are “homesick” for a place we’ve only lived for a few months.  But we also feel encouraged and humbled that so many of you are willing to join with us in God’s work – by your prayers, by your encouragement, and by your financial gifts.  We are so thankful for each and every one of you, and we pray that God would grant you a New Year filled with blessings and peace.

Journeying With You,

Jon & Tanya, Abigail and Kaitlyn

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