Returning on Monday, Jan. 28

airplanes-work-1We’re excited to share that we will be returning to Košice this coming Monday, January 28.  We have flights leaving from Louisville on Monday afternoon, and we’ll arrive in Košice on Tuesday afternoon – after stops in Washington D.C. (Dulles) and Vienna.

As you can imagine, there’s much to do in these next few days – lots of packing, last-minute “we-can’t-get-this-over-there” meals,  and SYL’s to family and friends.  There will be time later to reflect on what has happened while we were back for nearly three months, but in the meantime, please be in prayer for:

  • All of us and our families as we prepare to go – all transitions these days are bittersweet, and while we’re relieved to be able to return, we’re also sad at having to say goodbyes again;
  • Our travel on Monday and Tuesday – without going into much detail, we’re a little worried about a couple of potential hitches in our travel plans.  Pray that things go smoothly and without incident!


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