A Quick Prayer Request

(Just sent this out as an email newsletter):

We had hoped to send out a more complete newsletter by now! That will come, but in the meantime we want to ask for your prayers on a certain matter. Don’t worry, it’s a GOOD kind of request!

Tomorrow (March 7) we will resume work at the Roma School here in Kosice. We will be assisting the English teacher in lessons one day each week, and we are also starting something new – an after-school club for the students at the school. Our focus will be on reinforcing English language, and also teaching about American culture. Along the way, God might open doors for other things as well!

So we ask that you would join us in prayer that things would go well on Thursday – that the students would enjoy their time and that we would be effective, both at teaching and at building relationships.

We have lots of good news to share in a coming newsletter, but here’s a teaser:

  • We have now completed the necessary steps for getting our residence permit – we are now officially “resident aliens!!”
  • The girls made a great transition back into school.
  • Our language learning is going very well!
  • We’re looking forward to at least three U.S. teams coming this summer/fall.

More good news to follow…

– Jon & Tanya, Abigail & Kaitlyn


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