Week of Prayer for Roma Ministries – Day 1 (Sunday)



Romany/Gypsy Prayer Guide 2013

Roma waif trimmed 2Reality TV shows like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding do not really mirror the reality for most of the world’s 12+ million Romany.* Though there are Romany college professors, doctors, journalists, and lawyers, many more Romany live as second-class citizens—if they are even granted citizenship—with substandard housing, substandard education, substandard . . . . They have a lot in common with the powerless peasant girl we know as Mary. Yet as Mary sang in Luke 1:46-55, God chooses to lift up the humble, to exalt the lowly, to satisfy the hungry with good things. Our Lord choose Gypsy Smith, born in 1860  in a Romany tent pitched in an obscure corner of England, to become one of the greatest English-language evangelists of his time.

Today, the Gypsy Smith School of Evangelism continues to satisfy Romany church leaders hungry for training. In that spirit, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Romany Team shares stories of our God at work, lifting up and exalting. We invite you to join us in joining Him by praying through this week-long prayer guide.

My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.  Luke 1:46b-47

  • Praise God for being a God who lifts up the humble, who sees the lowly, who gave himself for the hungry.
  • Praise God for Romany Christians who follow in the footsteps of Rodney (Gypsy) Smith and for volunteer teachers who make the Gyspy Smith School possible; pray for on-going funding.
  • Pray for non-Romany Christians, that they will stand next to their Romany brothers and sisters.

*Romany, Roma, and Romani are all terms preferred over “Gypsy.”

Note: This is reposted from the CBF Romany Ministry Blog – click here to access the original and to see more…

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