Week of Prayer for Roma Ministries – Day 4 (Wednesday)

Uplifted Through Healthcare Ministries

Monika–wife, mom, sister, grandmother–is an important person to a lot of people, even beyond her family. Her dangerously high hypertension, left unchecked, puts her place in her community at risk. Monika needs culturally relevant health information presented in a way where she feels empowered to make a difference in her own life. Monika attended a workshop on chronic diseases to learn more about the causes and how to monitor her blood pressure.

Overwhelmed by her recent diagnosis of cancer, Jana did not understand her doctor’s explanation of her condition and planned treatment. This young Roma mother of three was searching for answers and reassurance. She participated in a presentation about women’s health in Velka Lomnica, Slovakia, where a short-term volunteer and CBF Field Personnel Dianne McNary prayed with and encouraged Jana.

Dianne has been involved in Community Health Evangelism (CHE), attending and also helping to lead CHE training workshops. CHE combines the importance of physical and spiritual health in ways which empowers the community to change from the inside out by using their own resources. In partnership with local communities utilizing effective models such as CHE, being the presence of Christ among the Romany through healthcare ministries is making a difference in the lives of women like Monika and Jana.

Dianne & Shane McNary – Slovakia/Czech Republic

• Pray for Monika and Jana – both for their spiritual and physical health.
• Give thanks for short-term volunteers who utilize their expertise in healthcare ministry.
• Pray for the Romany of Slovakia where economic and social barriers to healthcare result in significantly higher mortality rates, particularly infant mortality.

Note: This is reposted from the CBF Romany Ministry Blog – click here to access the original and to see more…

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