Week of Prayer for Roma Ministries – Day 5 (Thursday)

UntitledUplifted Through Church Planting/Faith Sharing

“Sister Minadora is one of the wisest ones here,” the leader of a Romany church told me nearly ten years ago. Minadora worked alongside American volunteers at a vacation Bible school program in her village. But in the following years I didn’t see much of Sister Minadora. When her brother went to prison, his wife left their six children, the youngest one severely handicapped, with Minadora. She struggled with the situation financially, physically, and spiritually.

A few years ago, we came by to invite her to a women’s program at the local church. She was noncommittal. She seemed depressed. I don’t think she came–but she did come to church the next day. “It’s a miracle,” the pastor told us when he saw her there, “Sister Minadora is smiling.”

Minadora and a member of our volunteer team exchanged photographs and promised to pray for one another. And when the volunteer team returned and stayed in a home in the village for the first time, who hosted them? Sister Minadora. The Lord had lifted her up, so far, that she could give again, smilingly.

Mary van Rheenen, resource coordinator

  • Praise for mature Christians and leaders among the Romany and for volunteers who work with, not for, those they meet.
  • Pray for Romany women who struggle with depression, for Sister Minadora, and for continued growth of Christ’s kingdom among Romany in Moldova.

Note: This is reposted from the CBF Romany Ministry Blog – click here to access the original and to see more…

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