A Word for Monday – 3 June, 2013

We haven’t done a Word of the Day in a LONG time, so this is a good time to switch things up.  We’re going to try to be more regular about posting a new word or phrase each week on Monday, and some kind of photo on Thursday.

That said, since we’ve started a new month, it seems only fitting that this week’s word should be the name of this month… we’ll make it easy, since the name is very similar to the English version:

June  =  jún

In Slovak, the letter “j” sounds like the letter “y” in yellow and the accent mark over the letter “u” makes it a longer vowel.  So the pronunciation is something like “YOON.”  Click here to hear it spoken (from the Slovak teaching website Slovake.eu).

Also of interest is the fact that in Slovak, you don’t capitalize the names of months and days!

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