A Word for Monday – 22 July, 2013

We hear this week’s phrase almost every day… it’s used at mealtimes.

English Slovak
Flag_of_the_United_States.svg SlovakFlag

“Enjoy your meal!”

Dobrú chut!

[DOH-broo KHOOT] **

halusky-300x222When your waiter or host serves you your meal, it’s common courtesy for them to say, “donru chut!”  You would also say this to others at the table when you are ready to begin eating.  It does not literally mean “enjoy your meal,” but is the Slovak equivalent – something like the French phrase “bon appetit!”

** A note on pronunciation – the “ch” is considered one letter in Slovak, and produces a sound we don’t use in English – a soft “k” that almost sounds like you’re getting ready to spit. 🙂  You might know it from German words (like the end of J.S. Bach) or Scottish (like the end of “loch“).  To hear it pronounced, click here.

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