Article: When ‘special’ means segregation

This editorial recently appeared in the Slovak Spectator, Slovakia’s English-language newspaper.  Written by staff writer Beata Balogová, it addresses one way that some countries’ school systems intentionally segregate the Roma… with results that can have a generational impact.

26 Aug 2013 | Beata Balogová | Opinion

Photo by Sandy Carter, (c) 2013 Sandy Carter Photography.

DISTRESSING stories related to Roma communities with unemployment rates in excess of 90 percent begin well before encounters at labour offices where many Roma are told that there are no jobs for unqualified applicants, or for those with qualifications, that a non-Roma candidate would be preferred anyway. These stories often start on the day children from these marginalised communities are sent to special schools where they do not actually belong, while their parents are told by those who ‘classify’ them that these classes ‘for children with special needs’ are actually much better because they will be with other kids like them.

Many of these marginalised children will never be able to get out of this trap and will continue living in settlements or ghettoes, while the non-Roma population continues to build walls to protect themselves from those they call ‘nonadjustable citizens’.

(click here to read the rest of the article…)

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