A Word for Monday – 9 September, 2013

We haven’t quite covered all the month names yet… we’ll include two this week, since they’re so similar to the English spelling and pronunciation.  Note that we’ve also included links to pronunciations below the Slovak names.

A reminder and a bit of important information:

  • In Slovak, names of days and months are not usually capitalized.
  • Dates here in Europe are often abbreviated similarly to how we do it in the U.S.  But rather than using the format Month-Day-Year (today is 9/10/2013), the Europeans place the DAY first, then the month and year (in European style, today is 10/9/2013).  That can cause some confusion if you’re not careful!  For instance, on one occasion we’ve had to convince cashiers that our credit cards were really still valid, even though in European-style the dates on the cards were already past expired!
English Slovak
Flag_of_the_United_States.svg SlovakFlag



[OW – goost]
click here to hear pronunciation



[SEP – tem -behr]
click here to hear pronunciation

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