A Word for Monday – 30 September, 2013

This week we’ll look at another common phrase – “how are you?”  Here are the question and a few variations of answers – look below for some cultural insight into this expression.

English Slovak
Flag_of_the_United_States.svg SlovakFlag

How are you?

Ako sa máš?

[AH-ko sah MAHsh]
listen to pronunciation:

I’m doing well/fine.

Mám sa dobre.

[MAHM sah DOH-breh]

I’m not doing well.

Mám sa zle.


I’m doing wonderful.

Mám sa výborne.

[MAHM sah VEE-bor-nyeh]

And you?

A ty?

[ah TEE?]

This is not heard as often in Slovakia as we would typically use it – in the U.S., this has almost become a kind of greeting.  We might even ask this of a stranger, but you wouldn’t expect a full or honest answer.  Here, you would only ask your friends how they are doing, and only if you really want to know the answer!

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