Prayer Update, and October Newsletter


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Click the photo above to link to our October e-newsletter.

A few days ago we posted here that we were having challenges here, and we want to first say THANK YOU for your prayers and your encouragement!  It has meant so much to read your encouraging notes, and to know that so many of you have been praying with us.

You may be encouraged to read our most recent e-newsletter, which was sent today.  You can access it by clicking on this link or the picture to the right. As usual, if you don’t already receive these, you can sign up on the right-hand side of this webpage.

A few days ago, we had the joy of attending a worship festival here in Slovakia that featured worship leaders Matt Redman and Martin Smith.  Matt Redman reminded us of an important truth that afternoon:  When we embrace our challenges and struggles with faith, the circumstances may not change right away but God often does something in our hearts that enables us to face those challenges in a different way.  We hope that this word can be an encouragement for you… it certainly has been for us!

A quick update on those prayer requests:

  • We have begun making weekly trips to Kežmarok to teach English at the Roma high school there.  We enjoy this work – the kids are eager to learn, and are always glad to see us!  You can remain in prayer for this school:  the central heating in their building is broken.  It’s hard to learn when your fingers are numb with cold.  A few days this fall the students have had to leave early because the rooms were so cold.  Pray that the owner of the building will open his heart to providing heat for these students!
  • We have not yet spoken with her personally, but we’ve learned the the Roma high school director, Anna Koptova, had successful surgery two weeks ago and is doing much better.
  • The girls are doing very well at school, and are making new progress each week.  We’re grateful for the encouragement of many friends, for a patient Slovak tutor, and for understanding and helpful teachers.  Thank you for your prayers on their behalf!

As mentioned in the newsletter, please also be in prayer for the Conversational English Classes we’ll be starting next week (Oct. 18) at Devleskero Kher church.

We used to mention this more often, but it’s very close to our hearts right now – please tell us how we can pray for you.  It is our honor to pray along with you, just as you pray with us!

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