Thursday Snapshot – 7 November, 2013

Most Slovaks don’t celebrate Halloween… instead, they have fascinating traditions more closely related to All Saints Day, from which Halloween originally evolved. Schools and businesses are closed on November 1, and most Slovaks spend the day with their family, visiting and decorating the graves of loved ones who have passed, and celebrating their memories.  For more about these traditions, see our post from last year (click this link).

That said, our girls’ school is not a typical Slovak school.  They hold a fun Halloween-like celebration each fall, complete with costumes and jack-o-lanterns (and lots of sweets).  The kids gather at the school on a Friday evening, usually just before Halloween, for an event called “Ghost Night.”  They spend the night at the school with their teachers and classmates (yes, you read that right!).  It’s a great time for them to build community as a class – something that’s important in the Slovak primary education system.

Our girls participated for the second time this year, and we wanted to share a couple of pictures of them at this year’s Ghost Night on Oct. 25.  Click the picture for a larger view.

Fotor1107101359P.S. – this collage was created with an online app called Fotor.


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