Spotting Jesus: Advent 3

For many of you reading this it’s still early in the day, but here it’s already afternoon.  I wanted to share where I’d spotted Jesus today, in case you get a chance to spot him in the same way I did.

I’ve been aware of Jesus’ gentle presence many times today alrady.  I first saw him this morning… well, actually I first sensed him rather than noticing him with my eyes.  As I stood at the bus stop, heading back into the city from taking the girls to school, I noticed the steam curling up as I breathed in and out.  And that’s when I felt him behind me.  I turned, and there he was.

He was in the sunshine, warming me in a thousand gentle ways.

Since moving here, I’ve become more acutely aware of the movements and appearances of the sun.  This time of year, as the days are almost their shortest, we barely have sunlight when we leave for school in the morning at 7:15, and it’s pretty much dark by 4pm.  That’s a much shorter day than I’ve experienced in other places I’ve lived.  Add to this the fact that Kosice is a naturally cloudy place in the fall and winter.  Sometimes it feels like weeks between seeing the sun at all!

I have missed the sun.  And to have a bright and cloudless day, to feel its warmth on my skin this morning, was a beautiful gift.

There are all kinds of ways we can say the sun is an appropriate symbol of Jesus, from the light and warmth it gives (John 1), to the sustenance it gives to all living things (Col. 1:15-17).  But after a few cloudy and wet weeks, the reason the sun reminds me most of Jesus today is that it is always there.  Even when I haven’t felt the sun for days, it is still there behind the clouds.  Even when we don’t see it directly, it’s still warming and sustaining us.

And so is Jesus.

I saw Jesus today, and felt him too.  I hope that, if the sun is out where you live, you can feel his presence too.

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