Spotting Jesus: Advent 7

I knew I wouldn’t be able to post everyday, so I wasn’t too surprised when I missed December 6.  But I’ve still been watchful, and have a spotting to report…

Last night I found Jesus in a wheelchair.  His name is Petyo, and I’ve known him for a few months now.  He’s in a wheelchair because he lost both feet a few years ago due to medical conditions.  This past summer he was homeless, and I’d meet him in the morning when I walked the dog through the park near our house.

When I saw Petyo last night I was in a hurry – running home from some errand or other, hoping I could get a little work done between appointments.  I wasn’t sure he would even recognize me – it’s been at least two months since I’d seen him last – and I was tempted not to go out of my way to stop.  But his face lit up immediately when he saw me, and we chatted there on Hlavna for at least 10 minutes.  He even asked about the dog. 🙂

My heart was warmed when we talked.  Petyo’s been in a Catholic Charity house here in town for these last few weeks.  He looked rested – I assume he’s sleeping better there than on the park bench.   I can tell he’s still dealing with a lot of things, but it seems he is getting his life back in some semblance of order.  He’ll be working come January, he told me, and he seemed more excited than I’d ever seen him.

Petyo’s not perfect, and he’s not a perfect reflection of Jesus… after all, which of us is?  But I saw glimpses of Jesus as we talked – his patience with my simple Slovak, his warm handshake and his smile.  And I especially saw Jesus in the hope reflected in Petyo’s eyes.

I hope you’re spotting Jesus where you are, too.  Don’t just look for strangers… you might just find him looking back at you through the eyes of someone you already know!

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