Spotting Jesus: In the Details

Friends – I wasn’t able to post as often last week because I was visiting with my parents in Huntsville, Al.  I have some catching up to do, but I can’t/won’t do it all at once.  Just know that these next few posts might be a bit retroactive!

I found Jesus this past week in the details.  That’s usually where the devil resides, as the saying goes, and I experienced that side as well.  My travel times on the way to and from the U.S. were less than ideal… cancelled flights going and coming, weather delays, baggage woes… not to mention being around fellow travelers and airline workers who were frustrated with the travel problems.  Most of you have dealt with it before, too – I don’t want to complain about it, but rather to note that I saw Jesus in those details too.  

Like the fact that I found some very pleasant traveling companions with interesting stories.

Like the fact that I had extra time to read, think and pray.

Like the fact that I arrived at my destinations safely, if not on time.

Like the fact that I could share grace with frustrated fellow travelers and with airline workers… even a simple smile and a kind word can make a difference!

Like the fact that I was able to bring back gifts and supplies for our family and for local friends and partners – about 150 lbs worth, for only a fraction of what it should have cost.

Like the fact that in spite of all my worry about them, all three of those bags arrived in Kosice at the same time I did.

Like the fact that I was even able to travel between continents to visit family.

The devil might be in the details sometimes, but if we look closely we’ll see that God dwells there too, and even more powerfully.  I don’t believe God engineers our inconveniences or our struggles, but I know that if we open our eyes, God gives us opportunities to see beyond them – to find the grace and peace that dwell above our circumstances.

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