A Word for Monday – 24 Feb. 2014

qnaOne word we haven’t covered so far, that might be helpful if you come our way, is how to say the word for “English” in Slovak.  But we can’t just tell you this word without telling you a little bit about how to use it… so we’ll learn a little bit of grammar, too!

English language –
anglický jazyk
[AHN-gleets-kee   JAH-zeek]

“Jazyk” means “language,” but also means “tongue.”  Notice you don’t have to capitalize the name of a language.  Here’s the phrase to use if you want to ask someone if they speak English:

“Do you speak English?”
Hovorite po anglický?
[HO-vo-ree-tyeh    poh   AHN-gleets-kee]

Hovorite is the word “to speak,” but changed to form the second person plural (think “y’all”), which you use to address someone formally (whom you don’t know).  “Po anglicky” literally means “through English.”

Of course, the very best way to know if someone speaks English is just to ask, “Do you speak English?”

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