Week of Prayer – Day 3

(reposted from our team blog, cbf-romany-ministries.blogspot.com)

“Poverty is an enormous waste of potential,” someone once said. In Romania, Romany children are not only disproportionately poor; they are also faced with deadening discrimination in the school system and often lack support from their homes in pursuit of an education. Consequently, few Romany children make it past the 8th grade. Dormant within these young multitudes lie future scientists, ministers and entrepreneurs… except they will not enjoy the keys to pursue those realities.

Andrea is a 14-year old Romany girl who lives in the poorest neighborhood of Bucharest, Romania. Like many of her peers, she is poor and has no Christians in her family. Nevertheless, Andrea recently expressed that her dream is to be a missionary or a preacher when she grows up. It is only through the Ruth School, a free, Christian school in her sector that she has the freedom to access her dreams and unlock the bold future God
has called her to. At the Ruth School, she is able to both study hard and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ every week in chapel. Because of Project Ruth and its school, people like Andrea have the opportunity to discover hope for their life in Christ, and to study hard to make their dreams a reality.

Please pray:

  • For Andrea, that she will overcome all her challenges to prepare for ministry and proclaim the Good News to her world.
  • For the students of Ruth School, that the Gospel and their education will empower them to transform their own lives and the life of their community.
  • For Project Ruth, that it will thrive in its ministry of educating and empowering the Romany people for the glory of God.

Skyler and Ronella Daniel Bucharest, Romania


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