Thursday Snapshot – 16 April, 2014

We have a set of photos for this week’s photo Thursday.  We got an unexpected delight this week, when we visited at the Roma Elementary School in Kosice – the place we taught last year (the middle/high school closed last fall).  They were celebrating International Romani Day, and invited us to join in the celebration.  The kids sang, danced and celebrated their Roma heritage.  It was a wonderful morning to visit with old friends and talk about new possibilities!

These students were waiting at the door of the auditorium with a version of the Roma flag the students had created. They were proud of their work!
The kids (there were about 100) were surprisingly calm and expectant as the program began.
We were delighted to spend time again with Anna Koptova, the director of the school and an organization that sponsors several such schools. She began the program by talking and interacting with the children about their Roma history and heritage. “We don’t just celebrate International Roma Day on April 8 or any one day – we celebrate it every day. We have so much to be proud of!” Her passion was inspiring!!
Simona was one of many students who lifted their voices in traditional Roma songs. She has an especially beautiful voice.
At several points, the youngest kids were invited to come on stage and dance and sing the traditional songs they know so well. Their joy was infectious!

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