Coming Soon: A New Address

Friends and Partners,

We wanted to let you know, a few weeks in advance, that we’re going to be moving.  We’ll still be in Kosice, but in a different part of the city.  We’re excited about our new location – the living space is smaller, but the house has a yard and will be quieter because it’s not in the city center.

We will publish the new address later, and post more pictures of course.  But for now we wanted to ask for your prayers during the transition.  This move comes with changes – both positive and negative, both expected and unexpected.  And of course, the companion to change is stress.  Please pray for us to make the right decisions as we move, and pray that we’ll be able to help the girls in a time of transition.  Pray that we’ll get to know our neighbors, and begin building positive relationships.  Pray that we’ll have a good relationship with our landlord, who will hopefully be able to guide us through the different steps we need to take as we move.

We also wanted to let you know about the move in advance, in case you planned to send us any packages or mail in the next few weeks.  If you want to send something, please contact us first so we can give you the new address or a temporary address.

A view of our yard out the new kitchen window.
A view of our yard out the new kitchen window.

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  1. As always– nicely worded, nicely done! You do a great job of keeping people informed. I really appreciate that and I’m sure others do as well. It helps us know how to pray. Thanks for the wonderful picture. Says a lot.


    1. Thanks, John – As Tanya pointed out tonight, this picture shows the two most important things about the move for us: The yard and the heating. We feel blessed that God has (once again) led us to the right place. 🙂

  2. Jon and Tanya We will be praying for you as always and thanks for praying for Kimberly and Grace Ann. She had a great report last week so we pray that tings will continue on the present path. Blessings Mel and Ann

  3. I was blessed to serve through VBMB’s Volunteer Missions for two weeks each in 1996 & 1998 with Virginian Carol Bowman, and those working in special education ministries in Tekovske Luzany, and beyond. The Baptists were sponsors of the Christian school there for children with disabilities, which included serving a Romany family, whose home we visited. It was eye-opening for our translator, the daughter of the town mayor. The pastor of five small churches, Tibor Bansky and the visionary social worker, Stefan Sebo, were a joy to know and work with! We also met Yuri Kohut, then president of Slovakian Baptists, and Pastor Tomas Kriska I still pray for all those I met and their work in Slovakia, and will add you both to my prayers. Thank you for your ministries.

    1. Thanks for your prayers, Margaret, and for the background. God has certainly been at work in this area of the world for a long time – we’re glad to be a part of it!

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