A Word for Monday – 26 May, 2014

Today’s word is appropriate for the day… and it’s super easy because the Slovak word sounds very similar to its English equivalent:

address   =  adresa  [AH-dress-ah]

This is appropriate because two addresses are changing that we feel it’s important to tell you about – our HOME ADDRESS and the CONTRIBUTION ADDRESS for all contributions to CBF.


At the beginning of June we will have a new home address here in Kosice.  If you plan to send anything by mail, send it to this new address, and if you sent something recently please let us know as soon as possible so we can make sure we check on it.

The front of our new home in Kosice.
The front of our new home in Kosice.

Old address:

Mäsiarska 60
040 01 Košice

NEW ADDRESS (effective June 1)

Jon and Tanya Parks
Za dolným mlynom 57
040 16 Košice-Myslava
Slovak Republic

Our phone numbers and other information remain the same.  Please remember, if you plan to send us a package or other mail, to see our mailing instructions here.


If you already send support to us through Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, please note that the mailing address is changing.

NEW ADDRESS (effective immediately):

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
PO Box 102972
Atlanta, GA 30368-2972

For more methods and instructions for giving, please see our Giving Page.  We’ve been told the transition will last several months – that both addresses will be active – and that you will also receive notification in your contribution statements that the address is changing.

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