A Word for Monday – 18 August, 2014

With this summer’s activities we haven’t taken time for the weekly word.  Moving to a new home, family visits, and preparations for this week’s mission team have made for a busy summer break!  But maybe it’s about time we started up again…

At first, we thought we’d use the Slovak word for “team,” since we have a mission team with us this week (from Huguenot Road Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia).  We invite you to follow along with some of their work and experiences on our Facebook page – find it at www.facebook.com/jonandtanyaparks.  But that word’s pretty simple – it’s tím, and it’s pronounced exactly the same.

But that’s a pretty simple word, so we’ll add another one…


[POH-mohts] = “help”

It’s an important word to know:  When you’re in trouble, you can yell “pomoc!” — “Help!”  But this is also the simple noun for any kind of assistance – which is exactly what this team is doing.  They are helping the Roma people by being present, by listening and learning, by praying and working.  They’re helping us by their presence and their encouragement, by helping our partners do things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do.

For example, today at the Roma school here in Kosice, they painted desks and cabinets, helped replace flooring and generally prepare the school for the start of the new year.  It’s a simple gesture, but to a school that’s used to being either looked-down upon or ignored, just being there makes an impact.  We’re grateful for this team, for the pomoc they’re giving, and for the work that God can do when we work together!

2014-08-18 10.32.02

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